Being a long-time vegan, I used to struggle to find beautiful, good-quality, and comfortable vegan shoes so I started TALON VERT. I am committed to giving women a true choice by offering them exceptional and comfortable vegan shoes that don’t force them to compromise their vegan lifestyle. I want to give those who have never considered ethical fashion and who choose their footwear based only on style, quality and appearance a whole new paradigm. Ideally, Talon Vert shoes will introduce new consumers attracted by the shoes’ style and craft to vegan ideals. Our footwear looks like a real thing (like leather), so women don't need to compromise their style or comfort. 

After working for multiple NGOs and in the fashion industry, I decided to start my own vegan footwear brand. This venture helps others to have more choice while combining  my two passions: a love for nature and fashion. I went to Italy to look for factories able to produce vegan footwear, and I researched vegan materials. In my 2-year research process I met some incredible people and learned a lot about sustainable production. This journey was difficult, but eventually I was able to launch Talon Vert’s first collection. In 2019 I earned an MSc degree in sustainable fashion, during which time I gained a lot of theoretical knowledge. This knowledge, combined with my work experience, has made me more able to understand more clearly the challenges of vegan footwear production and understand the problems and limitations in this line of work.

Each pair of Talon Vert shoes tells a story: a story of the animals that are not able to stand up for themselves. Every year over 1 billion animals are being killed for their skin. Although there is a scientific evidence that animal husbandry has devastating consequences on our planet, animals are still seen as a commodity and not as sentient beings. For me, Talon Vert is a platform from which I can speak up for all the animals that are victims of fashion, and show how quality shoes can be produced without the mistreatment of animals.

Our generation has the opportunity to design frameworks and business models that don’t rely on the use of animals. The latest technologies allow us to make products from ethical materials that do not harm animals. This way we can provide a supply chain that will circulate in a truly sustainable way, providing high quality without harming our planet and its inhabitants.

Talon Vert is a fashion brand for a modern woman with modern lifestyle: ethical, sustainable, and absolutely fabulous.

Wholeheartedly, Matea